“Feldenkrais is so good.  I feel very grounded, rejuvenated, happy, conscious and at ease; Mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. One of the main things I feel is high self esteem and lots of confidence. Tiffany brings forth something so healthy and important. Her guidance/teaching is so very clear and enjoyable. Thank you Tiffany.”

-Shami Orkibi, Art Teacher & Dancer

“At the end of my first class, I felt taller and calmer, and as I continued taking classes for the next few months I saw great improvements. My spine was straighter, I didn't wake up with so many aches in my back and hips, I was way less clumsy."

  1. -Beth B., Artist 

"I took Tiffany's Feldenkrais class after I experienced a back injury. I was weary about how much movement my body could tolerate. It was surprising at how much better I felt after just some small movements. Tiffany teaches in a very relaxed and easy to follow manner and she knows her subject well. Feldenkrais was the perfect pathway towards healing my chronic back pain, I now even practice yoga! I admire her dedication to the Feldenkrais method and other friends that I recommended her to, even though they were dealing with different body issues, found her class very beneficial for the mind, body, & soul. Thanks Tiffany!" - Mary

Bodyworkers/ Healers

"After my first class, my partner noticed a shift in my appearance; he became curious about how something I described as subtle, could work so dramatically..." - Naomi U.

"How fortunate am I to have found Feldenkrais practitioner Tiffany Sankary. Her sensitive, intelligent hands, her body wisdom, and careful lucid teaching have helped me learn about, understand, change, and liberate my mind and body from more pain and unwanted limitations in the past year more than anything I’ve done in the past 54 altogether. I am profoundly grateful for Tiffany’s work and her beautiful gentle spirit of service." - Clair Wings


"I enjoyed the nature of the classes very much. They helped me to become a better observer of my own body and mind. I am more aware of how my body has moved unconsciously and how this can change -- It is a very introspective process and one of the best ways to develop body intelligence."

- Mr. Kim, Dancer

"Tiffany's classes and hands-on demos have been good learning experiences for me. In particular the idea that we move our bodies based on our image of our bodies; if we visualize our arms starting at the top of our shoulders we tend to move them that way, and can injure the rotator cuff accordingly. It also means to me that our bodies in part will shape themselves the way we visualize them--by being aware of our movements and tendencies we can change our posture and overall movement ease. I recommend Tiffany's class to anyone interested in movement, dance or overall health." - Mark Smith, Sr. Audio Engineer, STC Productions


"During the lesson you taught yesterday I noticed that all of a sudden my mood changed... I felt so calm and embodied.  "I was at home".  I was so slow that after the class while I was crossing the street the green light phase was too short. :-)  I came home and went straight to sleep and slept deeply through the whole night and I still feel calm and a bit slower than usual..." - Tanja Seifarth

“Transformation is the word that best describes my experience during a Feldenkrais lesson with Tiffany. I am not the same person at the end of the class that I was when I entered the room. The process is subtle and powerful and mysterious, and I am so thankful to have a teacher and healer like Tiffany in my life. I practice yoga and meditation, but somehow Feldenkrais takes me to a deeper place. I feel lighter, taller, and quieter after a class. 


Experiencing Feldenkrais with Tiffany has helped me understand that certain beliefs and habits and perspectives are no longer working for me and that change is possible. I don't have to do things the same way I've always done them and I don't have to be the same person I've always been. This has made a huge difference in my approach to my body, my work and my relationships, with myself and with others.”

- Jennifer Recklet Tassi, Community Organizer


“Tiffany provides a gentle rigor – her enthusiasm is matched with clarity.”

“I am so grateful for Tiffany’s skilled teaching.  After only a few classes, I feel stronger, better coordinated, more graceful, more aware of my body’s capabilities. I love Feldenkrais!”

“I was completely in AWE of myself and this observation of a kind of effortlessness I've never known, but maybe have always longed for. My body was on MY side. It was all working together, the effort was distributed and the various parts were in harmony. It was totally awesome."

- Kathy

“Tiffany is an amazing instructor with a vast knowledge of body awareness and body/mind connection. I fully enjoyed "unwinding my tension" each Wednesday night after a hard day at work.”

Musicians & Singers

“Experiencing Feldenkrais with Tiffany I was struck by how much of a mind / body process it really was. Tiffany has a special way of perpetuating that connection… a way that really urges you to adhere to that dynamic of imagining, feeling

and thinking.” - Éilís Crean, Musician

“Feldenkrais made me aware of how more of my whole body can get involved in a movement, and when I allow that to happen, I can move with greater speed and ease. This had a direct impact on my sitar playing. Sitar maestros can pluck the strings extremely fast and I couldn't do anything near that speed until I started involving my whole hand, arm, shoulder, etc. Thank you!” - Farhan Choudhary

Musicians & Singers

"I love your voice, pacing, selective choice of guidance, clarity... really of an engaging quality/ high in my experience."

- Constance DeFotis, retired professor, conductor and singer

"My 'mask of tension' was gone and I looked like a different person.  I was actually "present" in my face!  When I got home, my husband didn't recognize me when he saw me from behind.  He said that it looked like me, but there was no way it could be me because I "don't walk like that".  I was carrying myself so much lighter that I looked (and certainly felt) like a different person. In addition to the obvious physical changes, I felt different mentally and emotionally, too..."

  1. -Christine B., Musician & computer engineer


Physical Therapists

"Thank you Tiffany for your amazing skill at teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes. Your guidance and patience have helped myself and many others achieve more freedom of movement in functioning."

- Jennifer D. Jackson PT, MSPT


"Thank you-- I have learned so much from your classes, so much that I have started taking on all sorts of activities I didn't think I could do! (including hip-hop aerobics!) I went to a day long meditation workshop yesterday, which I always enjoy except for the massive awful pain of sitting-- but this time I was able to soften and move in all the right places and it made all the difference. Feldenkrais has been an eye-opener for me-- rather than stretching and strengthening, building awareness has turned out to be the most helpful approach I've tried yet in terms of dealing with injury. Recognizing how many choices we have and how much freedom we have in both moving and thinking, instead of focusing on perceived limitations, has certainly made me feel better! And I've also found myself responding differently in conversations with people-- slowing down and listening more... Just wanted you to know what a difference you've made for me-- I really, really appreciate it. Feldenkrais has opened up things for me I didn't know were closed..."

  1. -Rachel Wiseman, Psy.D.


“Tiffany’s calm peaceful voice guides us through the actions in such a way to induce a clear connection between the mind and body. It is a wonderful feeling to move with her guidance.”

“After my first class, I had a very positive result! Right after I left the class, I didn't think I had felt any different until I started walking home. I felt so much more comfortable in my body, so lightweight and floaty, particularly in my neck. Simply moving around space seemed easier, like I was exerting less effort than I normally do.  I've been talking about it with all of my friends and spreading the word about how remarkably such small movements can effect you. Thank you again!” -Emily Murcko, Student, Lesley University, Counseling

Teachers & Coaches

"I came to Feldenkrais to reduce stress and lower my blood pressure and it worked! I have continued to come to Tiffany's classes because they help me feel freer, more at home in my body; I am always making new discoveries and learning new things about myself. Thank you!" - Mary, retired Psychology Professor

“Feldenkrais has had such positive effects for me - not just for my spine, but for my entire well-being. During my first lessons, I had the sensation of experiencing underwater hypnosis: weightless calm and so much support. People I've known forever started asking me if I'd grown. Learning how to feel my spine has helped to bring about changes in my awareness of my entire self, how I hold my body, how I move around, and how I live. Feldenkrais helps me feel like a superhero who can face the world without slouching! It’s a life-changing experience!” - Vivian C

"I can't believe this but last night was the first night  in 4 years that I slept on my back - the entire night, to boot. It was amazing sleep. I am sitting up straighter, breathing more deeply and lower, and I have 50-70% more mobility in my right shoulder.  And some new sensations in my left shoulder! All this from one lesson! Thank you so much. It feels like magic." - Shea O'Neil Adelson, Life & Leadership Coach

Yoga teachers & practitioners

“One of my favorite quotes is from Feldenkrais: ‘If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t do what you want.’ Tiffany’s classes help us to gently discover both what we are doing and what we truly want.  I recommend them to anyone who wants more freedom to move, more self-compassion, and a healthier mind-body relationship.”

- Zan Barry, health coach and yoga instructor

"Fantastic! I am new to Feldenkrais, although I've been doing yoga for almost 30 years. It is a gentle way to release blockages, align, and balance both sides of the body along the spine with amazing results in a very short amount of time. This method is perfect for those who have never done yoga or body work before and healing for those who have done lots of body work and want to focus on incremental adjustments that allow for even more freedom of movement." - Deborah Grant, Marketing Executive

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