“I'm a writer--not a mover--by trade. So, I signed up for Tiffany's Authentic Movement class to get in touch with my creative writing impulses. I wanted to get out of my head, to write from a deeply authentic place. But, would my impulses be too scary or too chaotic to be useful? No. Thanks to Tiffany's guidance, I felt safe enough to explore the surprising ideas and powerful feelings offered up directly from my unconscious as new ways of using my body opened up new ways of using my mind.” - Robert Rodgers, Writer

“I'm really enjoying the Authentic Movement classes and find myself being more mindful . . .  not just during my 10 minutes a day of authentic movement/ meditation, but frequently throughout the day as small, precious moments present themselves.  The class feels like a real gift that you've given to me, and that I've given to myself.  It fills me up, thank you!!” -Kendra J. Dowd - dancer, quilter, textile artist

I am very fortunate to have discovered Tiffany’s inspired blend of Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais and Art Making.  Her passion for all three forms is palpable and energizing.  The sequence she creates has supported my path into a vibrating, empowered state of embodiment that in turn delivers to me rich nuggets of self-discovery and creativity.  She creates a very safe, structured yet flexible environment in which I have experienced freedom from self-editing, judgmental attitudes toward my own creative expression.” -Naomi, artist

“I have been practicing yoga and meditation for over ten years.  Practicing Authentic Movement with Tiffany opened up, what felt to me, like an enormous amount of freedom and possibility that I didn’t realize I needed and wanted.  The practice of tuning in to how I want to move my body or rest my body at any given moment has helped me learn to listen more deeply to my inner impulses, needs and desires.  For me, the practice is a form of movement meditation as well as a tool for accessing creative expression.  I love how Tiffany incorporates free writing, drawing, and collage into her Authentic Movement classes.  I am always surprised by what is expressed through me after a session.  It is such a gift to have a practice that I can do either in a group or on my own to help me access my own intuition, creativity, playfulness, joy, and authenticity. The practice itself is so powerful; however, it is Tiffany’s kind, gentle witnessing presence that allows me to feel safe enough to explore my relationship with myself in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.  I thank her deeply.” - Lauren Mayhew, Wellness Coach

“The Authentic Movement classes have provided the space to explore my creative side, which I had not given much attention previously.”

Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement and creative process with Tiffany Sankary in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and online