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“Tiffany provides the guidance our bodies need to heal themselves. After two sessions I feel much more aware of my body's movement and posture. Subtle changes have occurred and I feel better without understanding why.”

  1. -Robbie Samuels, Schmooze Artist

“I have had scoliosis and back issues my whole life.  I am 65.  After Feldenkrais sessions with Tiffany, I have never felt so much mobility or suppleness in my spine from any other practitioner or approach.  In addition, to being a lovely person, Tiffany truly has remarkable abilities, skills and healing hands. I highly recommend her Feldenkrais practice.”  - Kenna Haines, Artist, Deer Isle, Maine

"After one hands-on lesson, my left knee (which had ached for years) is still pain free, more than two years later. IT WORKS!!!"  - Rosie K.

"I was amazed to get instant relief from some problem areas. The best part is I could take something away with me after the session.  I've continued to do some of these gentle movements with continued relief."

- Dorit Pittman, New Orleans, LA

“After my first experience doing Feldenkrais with Tiffany, I noticed an immediate improvement in how I received and engaged with my partner in Aikido practice. The Feldenkrais Method releases unnecessary tension from the muscles and joints and optimizes anatomical alignment to use less effort in the execution of Aikido technique.  It increases awareness and places intention deeply in the body's individual parts as well as in the body as a whole, which is a fundamentally essential aspect for Aikido advancement.”

  1. -Brad Carreiro, 3rd Kyu Aikidoka

“It was AMAZING.  I literally had to adjust the rear-view mirror in my car, because I was sitting so much taller after the lesson.  Tiffany is a fantastic teacher, and what someone hippier than I might call 'an old soul'." - Beth B., Artist


“Knee pain, a consequence of several sports injuries - a broken wrist and a high ankle sprain - had ended my hobby of running. After years of unsuccessful conventional treatments, my doctor suggested Feldenkrais. Then the best athlete I know gave me Tiffany's name. A month ago, I starting running on a treadmill. More remarkable: since childhood, my right eyebrow sat higher than the left; a Feldenkrais lesson with Tiffany lowered it to even. I highly recommend the Feldenkrais Method and Tiffany in particular.”

- Anish Shah, Applied Mathematician

Bodyworkers/ Healers

"I am grateful for the opportunity of having Feldenkrais sessions with Tiffany. Tiffany is very creative in her approach and she has an amazing ability to bring knowledge, patience and sensitivity to each session. I feel very comfortable and I can deeply relax and trust each experience, so every time I work with Tiffany I am connecting more deeply with myself. After each session, I’m more free in how I move- more aware, embodied, and aligned. I highly recommend Tiffany as a Feldenkrais practitioner."

- Karen Pearle

“I am so happy to have found Tiffany and her intuitive hands! I’ve had lots of bodywork over the years. In fact I myself am a massage therapist. But there’s something about Feldenkrais work that offers such an empowering way to re-connect with myself. And Tiffany is amazing! It’s like she sees my body in more than 3 dimensions. There’s where I am at the moment, with all my ‘stuck’ places - which is usually all I can see. And then there’s the potential of movement my body simply hasn’t explored yet. Tiffany has this powerfully compassionate way (both with her words and her hands) of inviting in my awareness about that. I love how working with her shifts the relationship I have with my own body’s tension and ease!”

-Katrina Piehler, Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach

"How fortunate am I to have found Feldenkrais practitioner Tiffany Sankary. Her sensitive, intelligent hands, her body wisdom, and careful lucid teaching have helped me learn about, understand, change, and liberate my mind and body from more pain and unwanted limitations in the past year more than anything I’ve done in the past 54 altogether. I am profoundly grateful for Tiffany’s work and her beautiful gentle spirit of service." -Clair Wings


“In addition to greater freedom of movement I am also discovering new options in my attitude and behavior towards family... I leave each session with a deeper sense of physical, mental and emotional well being.” -Barbara R

"I have suffered from back pain for more than 10 years now.. With Tiffany I felt the same results as when I got rolfing, but instead of being in pain during the whole treatment she was so delicate when she moved me that it was enjoyable instead of painful, BUT I FELT THE SAME LIGHTNESS AND PAIN FREE!!" - Maria Jose

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“Experiencing Feldenkrais with Tiffany I was struck by how much of a mind / body process it really was. Tiffany has a special way of perpetuating that connection… a way that really urges you to adhere to that dynamic of imagining, feeling

and thinking.” - Éilís Crean, Musician


“I received weekly Functional Integration lessons from Tiffany for three years in Berkeley, before her move to Boston. Her work is excellent.  I have cerebral palsy and after a lesson with Tiffany I felt more organized and more "in my body". If I was in pain, she helped me relax and shift my body's organization so the pain diminished.  I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone who wants to have a fuller, more comfortable experience of life in their body.” - Pam D.

“Let's just put it this way- My body- neck, arms and lower back in particular- thank Tiffany for her expertise. As Tiffany realigns my body, she also brings me to a heightened awareness of my body and all of its parts.  As I see her each week, I walk out of each session with the self-assurance that my body is improving.” - Jonathan R.

"Every day there is  some small way in which i am aware of a movement I could do differently, of a slight change in the way i sit, or walk, to attain greater freedom of movement and get rid of pain that in the pain i accepted as a given. So, saying thank you to you again, is something i do often in my head." - Barbara

"I AM A FOOT TALLER! Feldenkrais with Tiffany Sankary is like miracle grow!... After the very first session my legs, back and neck had improved to a great degree. By the third session I was standing taller, I felt more comfortable in my body and best of all the pain almost completely subsided." - Fred Jardin  read more on yelp...


“Tiffany Sankary is one of the most gifted practitioners with whom I have had the privilege to work. I am a specialist in internal medicine and integrative medicine and have had a lot of experience with practitioners who work with the body, its pain, its imbalances and its postural misalignments. Tiffany does not need to know your "story" to help you. Her intuition guides her hands to the right places on your body. Her intention is to partner with you to allow for the shifts that your body is ready to make.

She is gifted not only in hands-on work, but also in instructing you in self care. She brings the spirit of discovery and curiosity to her interactions with you. She is quiet, patient, and deeply knowing. I recommend her work most highly.” - Kathryn Hayward, M.D. & Founder of the Collaborative Medicine Working Group at MGH

"As a physician interested in holistic practice I have been intrigued with how my Feldenkrais sessions with Tiffany have promptly trained my mind to consider my body as one whole unit. When I move any part on one side of my body, I find myself consciously aware of moving something(s) on the other side at the same time. The balanced body movement - all parts connected- has made my day-to-day physical functioning easier and less stressful, and has greatly decreased tension that I did not know I was feeling. I am also very conscious of letting my skeleton support me rather than straining my muscles. Tiffany, as a practitioner, has given me an enormous sense of trust and confidence in the outcomes of my interactions with her. In 2 lessons, 2 separate physical discomforts (hip and back) were resolved. She listens, actually hears what I say and what my body is saying; she actually is paying attention to me and responds appropriately and with positive results. Her kindness and compassion shine very brightly. Competence and caring, both seemingly effortless... I have found a great resource for me, my family and patients."

  1. -Harvey Zarren, M.D.

Older Adults

“Tiffany worked with my back which had been spasming. I was fascinated to experience the subtlety of the work and to feel the positive responses in my body. I definitely felt taller!! After only a half hour, my back was tired but healed. I really appreciated her skill and generosity. Thank you Tiffany!” - Ann Hooke, Retired older adult fitness consultant

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  Authentic Movement



“I came to Tiffany after several months in physical therapy without improvement.  Not only has my pain diminished, but I experience my body and how I move it differently.  The sessions increased my sense of calm, well-being, and ability to care for myself in the midst of a busy life. I was consistently amazed by Tiffany's knowledge as well as her genuine care and concern for my well-being and health”.

- Eve Y., Student, M.A., in Education Studies at Tufts

“It was wonderful coming to Tiffany's office and feeling immediately comfortable and welcome. Her body work was gentle and soothing, yet its light touch left a lasting impact. I came in with tight shoulders and a clicking neck and left feeling loosened and aligned. The effect did not wear off and now, almost two weeks later, I still feel I'm holding myself in a new way. - Sadye S., Student, Brandeis University, Education Studies and Psychology

Teachers & Coaches

“Feldenkrais has had such positive effects for me - not just for my spine, but for my entire well-being. During my first lessons, I had the sensation of experiencing underwater hypnosis: weightless calm and so much support. People I've known forever started asking me if I'd grown. Learning how to feel my spine has helped to bring about changes in my awareness of my entire self, how I hold my body, how I move around, and how I live. Feldenkrais helps me feel like a superhero who can face the world without slouching! It’s a life-changing experience!” -Vivian C

"I can't believe this but last night was the first night  in 4 years that I slept on my back - the entire night, to boot. It was amazing sleep. I am sitting up straighter, breathing more deeply and lower, and I have 50-70% more mobility in my right shoulder.  And some new sensations in my left shoulder! All this from one lesson! Thank you so much. It feels like magic." - Shea O'Neil Adelson, Life & Leadership Coach


“My Feldenkreis session with Tiffany was extraordinary.  I sensed her hands moving through my body like a flowing surgeon-- sensing, encouraging, shifting...and my body opened like dominoes falling.  Upon standing, I felt my ribs settle into place for the first time in years, and my weight dropped to my feet rather than getting stuck along the way.  Her work unfolded in my body over a period of time, and was very transformative.  Tiffany is a natural healer with a depth of knowledge and wisdom beyond her years.  I highly recommend anyone interested in becoming more alive in their bodies to avail themselves of her gifts."

- Joanna Groebel, Creative Arts Therapist, Reading, PA


"Working with Tiffany and experiencing Feldenkrais was so interesting, particularly the way it helped me to understand and experience the phenomena of the "body mind", that is our body has a mind of it's own plus interacts with our thinking mind.  I came to learn how there is a circular relationship between the habits of the body and the habits of the mind.  Working with Tiffany was an awakening.  I highly recommend her. She is very skillful and a wonderful and gentle presence." - Nicki Glasser, writer

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"It was a new way of thinking for me which I realised would lead to my moving in a different way, a way in which I would be more aware, more mindful, of the interconnectedness of every bit of me...." - Mary Welstead, Professor of Law, Writer, Artist  read more...

Yoga teachers & practitioners

"I felt a kind of subtle magic working in our lesson together, part training and part awareness of the body. You really have a gift of gentleness and healing while at first unsettling, quickly became evidence of my own imbalance in the human skeleton, and that you were all along a mirror to myself. Thank you for your insight and work, it is like the gentle rain that wears away the mountain." - Michael Lynam

"Fantastic! I am new to Feldenkrais, although I've been doing yoga for almost 30 years. It is a gentle way to release blockages, align, and balance both sides of the body along the spine with amazing results in a very short amount of time. This method is perfect for those who have never done yoga or body work before and healing for those who have done lots of body work and want to focus on incremental adjustments that allow for even more freedom of movement." - Deborah Grant, Marketing Executive

"Tiffany has a gift!  Her hands-on work facilitated connection to my own inner-knowing." -Wren Polansky, Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement and creative process with Tiffany Sankary in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and online