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Move Create Practice

10 week live online series starting September 30

What would you do with yourself 

if you are not being told what to do?

Open to the mystery of your own

embodied and creative practice

with the support of community.

Each class will begin with a 10 minute warm up (guided movement experiment, writing prompt or inspirational reading) followed by time for open practice. Turn your attention inward and do exactly what you feel like doing in the moment. Move, sense, write, be, brainstorm, meditate, integrate, dance, draw, collage, rest. We will close with optional sharing/ reflecting in the group.

Create your own practice, in community:

Inspired by Authentic Movement practice and Feldenkrais principles, this series is designed to support deep creative process using the body as muse.

There is power in practicing in community--- It supports your deepening awareness, adding a richness and encouragement to show up more fully.


  1. some space in your home to move

  2. optional mat or blanket

  3. notebook and pen/pencil

  4. art supplies if you wish

  5. a computer or phone

We will use a software called Zoom. It is super easy to use, even for those not comfortable with computers. You can also access the classes via telephone. Everyone will receive a copy of the recorded guided warm ups, so if you need to miss a class you will still be able to practice.

“Tiffany creates a very safe, structured yet flexible environment in which I have experienced freedom from self-editing, judgmental attitudes toward my own creative expression.” - Naomi, artist

“Tiffany Sankary is a masterful and talented leader and guide, whose presence, kindness, skillfulness, and generosity have thoroughly influenced my approach to mindfulness both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to develop a moving mindfulness practice, a new avenue to creative discovery, or a greater understanding of and compassion for themselves and others.” - Jackie Shapiro PhD, Clinical Psychologist

“Tiffany's workshop gave me the license to safely enter a realm within myself that had previously been so well guarded, I didn't even know it existed. I dug in, let go, and healed.  It was quite dope.  Thank you isn't enough. What do you say to someone who led you to the ocean for the first time?

About Tiffany Sankary

I teach what I want to learn. Learning and teaching are intertwined. Becoming a parent has inspired me to explore new ways to make time for my own embodied/ creative practice. Being in my body, making art, writing and being in community all bring me back to a deeper connection with myself. This directly impacts my ability to be present with my family, friends and students. I cherish time to integrate, create, move and connect. Hope you can join me!

“I'm a writer--not a mover--by trade. I wanted to get in touch with my creative writing impulses, to get out of my head, to write from a deeply authentic place. Thanks to Tiffany's guidance, I felt safe enough to explore the surprising ideas and powerful feelings offered up directly from my unconscious as new ways of using my body opened up new ways of using my mind.” - Robert Rodgers, Writer

“The symbols of the self arise from the depths of the body.”–Carl Jung 

Small group format. Fridays 11am-12pm EST

+ community forum for course participants

Cost: $250 for 10 weeks. $125 for students