Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons

are verbally guided movement sequences, which help to clarify fundamental biological movement patterns and bring you closer to your potential. By slowing down, reducing your effort, and becoming aware of your habits and preferences in movement, more of your whole self becomes involved in every action. Previously unseen possibilities become available. Your system becomes more efficient and free to move with ease and spontaneity. For most, a difference can be felt after one lesson.  Repeated regular attendance deepens your sensitivity and ability to integrate these profound shifts into your everyday movement and life.

What students are saying:

“Transformation is the word that best describes my experience during a Feldenkrais lesson with Tiffany. I am not the same person at the end of the class that I was when I entered the room. The process is subtle and powerful and mysterious, and I am so thankful to have a teacher and healer like Tiffany in my life. I practice yoga and meditation, but somehow Feldrenkrais take me to a deeper place. I feel lighter, taller, and quieter after a class. 


Experiencing Feldenkrais with Tiffany has helped me understand that certain beliefs and habits and perspectives are no longer working for me and that change is possible. I don't have to do things the same way I've always done them and I don't have to be the same person I've always been. This has made a huge difference in my approach to my body, my work and my relationships, with myself and with others.”

 --Jennifer Recklet Tassi, Community Organizer

"After my first class, my partner noticed a shift in my appearance; he became curious about how something I described as subtle, could work so dramatically..."

-Naomi U.

"I enjoyed the nature of the classes very much. They helped me to become a better observer of my own body and mind. I am more aware of how my body has moved unconsciously and how this can change -- It is a very introspective process and one of the best ways to develop body intelligence." - Mr. Kim, Dancer

"During the lesson you taught yesterday I noticed that all of a sudden my mood changed... I felt so calm and embodied.  "I was at home".  I was so slow that after the class while I was crossing the street the green light phase was too short. :-)  I came home and went straight to sleep and slept deeply through the whole night and I still feel calm and a bit slower than usual..." -Tanja Seifarth

Feldenkrais & Authentic Movement with Tiffany Sankary in Greater Boston (including Cambridge, Somerville & Watertown)